Third person character jumps, walks in T pose...

I followed this tutorial

at 3:12 mark he compiles with no errors but I come up with the errors below:

Please help me and let me know what Im doing wrong. My character moves around in a solid t pose

-You will have to recreate the transitions between the jump states
-it looks like you use another skeletal mesh for the jump animations :slight_smile:
-also make sure to readd the blendspace

does the above tutorial teach me how to do this? I thought it did but I am new to this… any help is appreciated

Yes and no ^^ I will just lead you thro

  1. go into your anim bp - anim graph - select the transitions and delete them (you dont have to delete all of them, but I would do it just to go sure ^^)

  1. create new transitions that it looks like in the picture above -> so one from idle to JumpStart - JumpStart to JumpLoop - JumpLoop to JumpEnd - JumpEnd to Idle :slight_smile:
  2. add the upper mentioned stuff into the transitions -> so the things that you should have copied/in your mind
  3. now those errors should disappear

This tutorial worked for me…


thanks for the help, but I hope this helps others that are having the same issues that I did… This community has to help each other to build something special… the above tutorial solved my problem but I want to thank and others like him that continue to help other newbies such as myself…my bones are still distorted, but at least my character moves and is not stuck in that T- pose