Third person character is broken

My third person character has lost it’s animations, when I play the game it just slides around without any arm/leg etc movement. I wanted to swap it out for a different character which has animations, I was able to get that to work but I need it to jump higher, if the animations work my jump settings in my event graph don’t work. When they’re in a static mode my jump settings work. I can’t even set everything back to the default pawn and have it work and I changed it back in project settings as well. I can’t figure out how to fix this and it’s very frustrating! Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Sounds like you did not choose an anim blueprint for your skeletal mesh (or a wrong for a different skeleton) in your character BP …or a (compile) issue in your Anim BP.

You have to switch both the mesh and the anim BP (that have to fit to the right skeleton).

I’m not sure if you talk about the animation itself or the character movement component settings. I would recommend to start the game open the anim BP choose your character as debug object and look which wires are active in the blueprint. Sometimes it does not take a state or it hangs there forever waiting for some variables that never gets set, …