Third Person Character Inside a Mesh

Hello there I have been recently trying to my 3rd person character inside a sphere mesh that i have created in blender. My issue is I want sphere to roll when my character move inside it. I try many ways to solve this issue but I am currently stuck right now. I think that it might be caused because of some collision and simulate physics presets.

Hope you guys can help


What are you able to do so far? Does you character make it inside the sphere and then it doesn’t roll? Does it roll but you can’t get inside? My initial thoughts on how to do this without any other info would be, you need to create custom collision inside the sphere so your player can “walk” inside. You would also need collision for the outside of the mesh, In order for it to “roll” you need physics simulation, but in order for your player to pass through you would need physics off. So you would have to initially have the ball NOT simulate physics, just overlap, then once the player overlaps the sphere and is inside set physics collision on. So he can collide with the inside of the mesh and cause it to roll. You would need some other logic or button to press to once again STOP simulating physics to allow your player to once again pass through the sphere when you want to get out.

Actually i am able to put character inside the sphere in character blueprint but it just moves with the player cant quite fiqure out how should I make it roll according to the movement. Maybe I should dig more deeply inside the custom collision stuff since I wont be able to use complex collision as simple if the simulate physics in use. And also thanks for the blueprint logic idea

Honestly, I think it would be simpler to have the “sphere” be a separate actor with it’s own collision as opposed to trying to have different meshes on the same actor have different collisions and have one mesh simulate physics on another mesh within the same actor. It may be entirely possible/simple, but logically for me when I think about this problem, I would approach it differently. When you have them in the same “actor” the engine treats the whole system as “one unit”. So, to get the skeletal mesh to move inside the sphere mesh component, you’re getting into relative movements as opposed to world movements which I find more complex especially for this scenario you are describing. I would try separating them first and see if you can get the collision to give you the result you desire.