Third Person Character erroneously jumps off moving platform

Hi Epic people (in every sense of the word),

I have been observing some strange behavior when jumping directly up from a moving platform. It is similar to the issue reported -here-, but additionally to the character sliding when landing (which I fixed using the steps outlined in the answer), the character will sometimes either be slung forward, or not move at the same speed as the platform and get left behind. I have recorded a short -video- to demonstrate. My “Impart Base Velocity” settings are as pictured.-See Image-. If anybody happens to know a workaround, or a solution to this issue. I’d be very grateful for any information.


I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something caused by changes I’d made to the default Third Person Character so I recreated the problem in a vanilla C++ third person template scene, and though it didn’t seem to happen as often (possibly because of lack of air control), it still happened, in both directions. -Video-