Third Person Character Control Extensions

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I really enjoyed the official tutorial of setting up the 3rd person template from you guys, even though programming is not my forte the blueprint structure made it really easy to understand. What took me 5-6 months pulling my hairs to figure out took only 2 hours with you guys.
After playing with the template from scratch I want to extend the powers of this template but I don’t know where to look or how to go about doing it.

One of the things I wish to accomplish is right at the moment when the character is idle and before it starts moving, I want the character to lean into the direction its moving in to create a fluid continuity. I’ve tried this with various states but the trade off is as you said in the videos, that they don’t blend well.

Another is when the character is in motion, let’s say walking and then comes to a halt, they enter a state of follow through with the momentum and another one for coming to a halt from running.

The best example of what I’m after is in the recent assassins creed unity single player gameplay trailer, where the main character is standing still and everytime before he moves, he performs a slight lean into his direction instead of just jumping straight to walking and when he comes to a halt from running or walking, he performs a follow through animation and then goes to idle.Assassin's Creed Unity Official E3 2014 Single Player Commented Demo [SCAN] - YouTube
I’m stuck, stalled…stuck really because I can’t think my way through the problem.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Do you have the animations and BlendSpace 1D setup?

EDIT: Just found the duplicate thread. Closing this one.