Third Person Char. Randomly Gets Stuck and Drifts

I have the default third person character and a heightmap generated terrain in my game. 90% of the time, the player will not move properly during gameplay. He gets stuck in place until I jump to kick off his momentum, and when he is moving, he drifts considerably and continues moving even when I let go of the keyboard. This is demonstrated in the video below, as well as the properties of the character and the landscape.

Randomly, when I do hit play, about 10% of the time. The player will move completely naturally, but the problem will reappear 10 minutes later. This problem also occurs when I put the player on a flat cube. The only change I made to the player was a couple UI related blueprints and increasing the speed.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

You need to send us a screenshot of your blueprints, where you made changes.
By default, the third person character moves well in landscapes, so you made something that cause this issue.

This is all of the player’s blue print.

Player collision seems okay. Though I’m not sure what I’m looking for.

It looks like the collision for the landscape is setup wrong. What do you see in player collision view?

Try it with a default player. If that works, it’s something you put in your custom character. Then it’s a process of elimination.

Okay so I figured something out. The player gets more messed up the farther he is from the origin point of the world. At 0,0 he works fine. I mitigated this by moving the center of the island to the origin. But at the farthest west and east end of the island, the movement is still messed up. I know I have a really large world (a life sized recreation of the island of Crete because I just think it’s neat) but does anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it? I don’t want to scale the world down because it would make the physics and scale inaccurate.

That’s a good thing to know!

Figured it out. Just had to check on Enable World Origin Rebasing in the World Settings and the character moves perfectly anywhere on the map.

Yeah if you decide to make a map that’s 200 miles long for some hairbrained reason you know what to do.