Third person camera with center pivot

Hi, I’m trying to set up a third person camera. What I want to do is to have a “lock on” camera that doesn’t need enemies to lock on to. I don’t know if I’m being precise enough, but I want the camera to follow the back of the character at all times. When he moves back or forward the camera moves back or forward, but when he moves to the right or left the camera starts pivoting towards the center and the character moves like an orbit instead of straight to the left or right, just like it is when you lock-on in a game, except with nobody locked on.

I’ve searched everywhere for a solution and I found somebody who wanted exactly this, but his blueprints are not clear enough and it didn’t work for me. What appears in his video, though, is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. Here’s the video.

Apparently the best way to do it is by attaching something that acts like a pivot point for the camera so that it rotates around it, but I want the character itself to move in an orbit along with the camera.

I also found another user that was asking for (what appears to be) the same thing, albeit for a first person camera.

Please, can somebody tell me how to proceed? I’m going crazy trying to make it on my own, as there aren’t really any tutorials out there for this kind of camera.

Thank you very much.

If you want that kind of camera behaviour, all you have to do is detach the camera from swing arm and connect it to the collislion capsule.



Drag the camera up and drop it on the capsule component, after ( difference is subtle ):


Thanks for your help, ClockworkOcean, but unfortunately that dind’t help. That only locked the camera out of the X axis, so I can only move it horizontally. However, the camera and the character still move from right to left instead of orbiting unless I move the mouse to guide the movement in an orbital path. What I want is that when I press A or D (left or right) the character and the camera move around an imaginary center, like if they were the moon orbiting earth, so to speak.

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So, you want to use A/D to turn?

Yes, but I also want the camera to stay right behind the character at all times.

Edit: Now that I’m thinking about it more, maybe it has more to do with the character movement than the camera, because if I managed to make A/D move the character around an orbit, the camera would just follow him with no additional work. Am I right?

Yeah, you need to strip out the current 3rd person stuff and put your own version in. You need to make the mouse rotate the player instead of doing look, I guess…

Okay so I put a short video illustrating exactly what I want. The first half of the video shows the default movement when you press the left/right input, as in, the character moves left or right. After the black screen, I did a demonstration of the kind of movement I want from the character when pressing the left/right input. I managed to recreate it by moving the camera manually, that’s why it’s a bit sloppy.

Yes, the rotation of the character should affect the camera and viceversa, but the important thing is making the character move around an orbit instead of horizontally when moving left or right.

Here’s the video in case it might help:

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Ok, so try detaching the InputAxis MoveRight custom event in the 3rd person, and attaching it here:

Now, it’s not possible to turn with the mouse, but A/D do the trick…

Hi ClockworkOcean,

Thanks for sticking by, I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. That only made the character turn in circles when pressing A/D:

I’m really missing the point here, it looks like your vid of what you want… :smiley:

Ok! I’m with you now… :slight_smile:

I re-read one of the earlier posts…

What I just gave you has the curve that player is rotating around back to front, sort of thing.

Gimme a while…

Naaa. I’m no good at setting up characters, but I can tell you how it works. I got it working but the mesh doesn’t animate.

Just put the sphere ( the center ) in front of the player, and then just make sure you have the correct hierachcy:


  • Player mesh
    – Spring arm
    — Camera

Basically everything’s connected to the sphere, and the MoveRight just rotates the sphere, everything else has to go with it.

Also the walk forward and backward doesn’t actually do anything, it just changes the length of the spring arm.

This does it:

Hi ClockworkOcean,

That solution has its own sets of problems, like not being able to move forward or backward (I guess making the InputAxis Moveforward connect to an AddWorldOffset on the X axis for the sphere would solve that) among others, but it definitely points me in the right direction (making an invisible sphere the main actor), so thank you very much for your help, I’ll see what I can do to overcome these new issues.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

No worries, I think you have to find your own way forward here. That movement limitation was also part of the ideal solution you outlined at the start :wink: