Third Person Camera setup - Camera going under the character

I’m trying to setup a nice third person follow camera and I did setup things up to an extent. The problem is that when I move the camera down, the camera is going under the character. I checked a few AAA third person games and found that the camera usually stops behind the character and doesn’t go between the legs and show the area between the legs.

I checked the Unreal Third Person template and it has the same issue. Picture below.

Is there a way to fix this?

I would like the camera to stop at this point.

Any pointer would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hello you have seveal options the first just being clamping the camera

And the other is to write custom camera controls . So you would get the position of the camera then when it gets to a certain point move it using an interpretation so it’s smooth to the new position .

Hey! Thanks for your response. I’m just starting so I’m using the clamping solution for now. It worked. Here is what I did for anyone who comes looking in the future. Thanks again.

Camera pitch.JPG

Thank you so much!