Third Person C++ Template not using C++ Character by default

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Maybe I am wrong with this point because I am relativly new to UE4, so please don’t hesitate to correct me.
When using the UE4.11.1 Version, starting a new Project, choosing C++ Third Person, the ThirdPersonCharacter (Blueprint from Content->ThirdPersonCPP->Blueprints) derives from the general Character Class.
Doing the same in UE4.10 and previous versions, the ThirdPersonCharacters parent is set to the ProjectNameCharacter Class, which is (as far as I understood it) the correct behaviour.

Also, the ThirdPersonCharacter, that is used in the C++ UE4.11.1 template is full of blueprint logic (for Input, Movement, etc.). The one in UE4.10 is a data-only BP.

I can of course still create my own character bluepint that derives from the Character C++ Class and change the gamemode to load it at start in UE4.11.1, but I should not have to, right?

Is this a general issue with the template? Can you reproduce it? Or did something go wrong with my installation?

Hey SinPin-

This is a known issue that has been fixed in the 4.11.2 hotfix. If you’re using the Launcher you should be able to update the 4.11 engine version with the fix.


Doug Wilson

Thank you :slight_smile: