Third Person C++ Template not using C++ Character by default

Hey guys :wink:

Maybe I am wrong with this point because I am relativly new to UE4, so please don’t hesitate to correct me.
When using the UE4.11.1 Version, starting a new Project, choosing C++ Third Person, the ThirdPersonCharacter (Blueprint from Content->ThirdPersonCPP->Blueprints) derives from the general Character Class.
Doing the same in UE4.10 and previous versions, the ThirdPersonCharacters parent is set to the ProjectNameCharacter Class, which is (as far as I understood it) the correct behaviour.

Also, the ThirdPersonCharacter, that is used in the C++ UE4.11.1 template is full of blueprint logic (for Input, Movement, etc.). The one in UE4.10 is a data-only BP.

I can of course still create my own character bluepint that derives from the Character C++ Class and change the gamemode to load it at start in UE4.11.1, but I should not have to, right?

Is this a general issue with the template? Can you reproduce it? Or did something go wrong with my installation?

Hey SinPin-

This is a known issue that has been fixed in the 4.11.2 hotfix. If you’re using the Launcher you should be able to update the 4.11 engine version with the fix.


Thank you :slight_smile: