Third Person BluePrint: Modifying Camera Range to player object?

Hello, As the name says, I’m trying to modify the third person blueprint, or trying to make my own, but I cant seem to edit or move the camera thats in the blueprint “Components menu”
It seems to be intergrated to the actual hitbox, as I CAN move the mesh(this produces some odd angles, I’d much rather be able to edit the camera location in the components menu)

I’d much rather make my own Player Blueprint, but I haven’t found any tutorials regarding that part of creation

Any idea guys?

Thanks in advance^^

Start from scratch, Create a blueprint, using Pawn or Actor.
In the components, Add your mesh, your camera and your Spring Arm.
Make sure your spring arm is a child of your Mesh I.e. is placed below the Mesh component.Components.png
Then make sure you have made the camera a child of the spring arm.
P.s. please ignore the BoomController.

Then on your camera component, make sure your Sockets->ParentSocket is set to SpringEndpoint.

To make sure you are using the Blueprint you created, Goto world settings, then goto GameMode, Selected Gamemode, then change your Default Pawn Class to the one you created.


Concerning your movement question, what specifically are you looking at doing? e.g. ZoomInOut on Mesh, Roatation around the mesh?

Could you also elaborate on the Hitbox?

If you are making a ZoomInOut on mesh, then you need to add a input action, or Input Axis through your project settings, then in your blueprint call that ZoomInOut Input and Set the Target arm length to the new value you want it.