Third Person and First Person Bodies

Hello, I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine and I’m working on an multiplayer FPS game. I have my third person body for everyone else to see and my first person for only me, but how would I make it so my 2 guns both reload, aim, and shoot at the same time while only the first person gun shooting? Also, my guns function with the Realistic Weapon Blueprints pack.

Basically need two sets of any animations you want to use - first and third person.
After that, you need a system to play the third person animation - either by simply playing a montage from server to clients or through the use of some sort of ability system.
It all depends on your requirements.
Does it need to be really in sync, do you want to be able to cancel reloads, start reloads from different sections of an animation and so on.

If you’re really game, don’t use either system and do what a number of people have decided to do instead - a true first person view.
But I’m biased :stuck_out_tongue: