Things that NEED to be simplified

1: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-27079)

Making a project deploy at certain resolutions, fullscreen, and otherwise. These options NEED to be accessible from the GUI for packaged games. It makes no sense to me how easy it was to change the resolution in UDK (setres 1920x1080) but doing something so simple in UE4 requires writing your own ini file. There are options in the editor for deploying with or without a border, but nothing for resolution? What about UHD, 4K, and 1440p? Are we going to pretend those resolutions don’t exist in packaged games? And why doesn’t the game just start in fullscreen by default?

2: Music.

Some games have looping music. There should be a way to stop the looping music. Seriously, this one shouldn’t be too hard. I cannot figure out a decent way to play music in UE4 because there is no system in place for that, and every mock-up has issues. If you play a looping sound effect, it loops continuously. If you need to switch music, you can’t fade the old track to begin the new one. UDK had options to stop not just music tracks but sound effects as well!

3: Default Scalability

If a certain scalability setting works great in the editor, it should work great in the game too. Scalability settings should be able to transfer from editor to packaged projects if the user wishes. This should be exposed to the GUI. I’m shocked that there are options to nativize Blueprint nodes in the editor but nothing for scalability or resolution to the end user. The resolution issue is almost a year old, and nothing has been done about it! Wow.

Patches welcome!

#1 is actually super simple to resolve…

#2 The audio system is currently in the final stages of its rewrite and should be released with 4.16. So that will probably be addressed.

Not sure about #1 and #3
Game User Settings were introduced to BP more than 6 months ago and were even expanded since then. You can set default/initial resolution for packaged projects, save editor settings to packaged project and even initialize auto detection of settings

I think you set a resolution, but is that you set the resolution, not the default one, each time you call the game it is changed, not stored someone and by default the engine load it at startup.

At present the game does not automatically detect 4K and run 4K. You can specify lower than 1080p and it seems to work for other people, but for some reason Unreal either won’t recognize my text file as an INI or refuses to play at any resolution above 1080p. Changing the resolution via SetRes console command will force the screen to render larger than the monitor. For some reason the resolution is clamped, but not the screen facepalm

As for audio, I need this now, not 6 months from now. My client has already been waiting for this project since last August. You know how embarrassing it would be to say this extraordinary game engine that can render real world DEMs of the Grand Canyon no problem has a huge issue with changing the music? That’s what you’d expect from a low brow comedy, not reality! I am going to wait for 4.15 for native HDR support, but to wait until 4.16 for proper music support is kind of ridiculous. That means we’ve survived 16 iterations of this engine without music support. But UDK already had this. Why did UE4 just drop support for the ability to stop sound effects or play music tracks?

OK, after updating the launcher, something happened and now the engine plays in 4K. What? Ok, check!

I checked now and it seems there IS an option to change the scalability settings in a packaged game through the base profiles, and the base profiles can be accessed through the engine: Window > Developer Tools > Device Profiles. So, third item, check!

That means the most elusive feature of these is… changing music.