Things run smooth in Editor but in standalone game things do not go right

Hello, i really need some help from you guys to solve this. In editor mode, everything in level blueprint is working but when in standalone game, some parts in level blueprint is not working. It does not read the widget that i have called from the level blueprint.

As you can see i got get all widget of class and the code is correct in editor. I don’t know why when i package it or run it in standalone, it does not work at all. The time does not start. Is this bug or anything that can be solve?

It’s looking like one of two things:

  1. You haven’t specified the class of object when spawning ( I don’t see the spawn in your code ).

  2. The end overlap event is being triggered before you have set the value of Pnp.

Hi, sorry for the late reply

  1. I don’t spawn anything in my main code, i just put an actor and possessed by player when they in the game.

  2. The Pnp is actually called from the get all widget.

  1. Do you mean about spawning character? Well, the character is placed in the world.
  2. The end overlap event trigger will be trigger if i pick up the cube. The Pnp is from the get all widget

All I can tell you is the errors in your log are caused by the Pnp and Mirror not yet being set, when you are running some other code, that references then.

Yes, i also think is Pnp and Mirror problem, but now i still cannot get it. Only in standalone game and package game have this problem. In editor, there is no problem about this. I did set the Pnp and Mirror based on their widget class.

What I’m saying is, it’s a timing issue. That could EASILY be different in editor and production. Try waiting a bit longer before you use the pointers ( references ).

I got put a delay at the event begin play, but for PNP is still not working but MPNP is working. Well, i dont know why is it like this.

If you can package the bare minimum into a small project and give me a download link, I’ll take a look…