Things I love about the Animation Rigging Tool and a few requests

So I have been playing with the animation rigging tool and have been loving what I see so far. I thought I would create a thread about whats really cool about it and things I want to see added. Feel free to share your own feelings and make requests.

I’ll start up with the few things I want to see added.

  1. Ability to toggle z-up vs y-up: I do like that it wants to help you bring your asset into Unreal correctly but I currently use a Maya Motionbuilder pipeline which are both Y-up. Maya is less the problem but Motionbuilder unless they really hid it doesn’t let me toggle this option. The work around is easy. I just have to rotate 90 and bake my animation before I leave mobu but it would be nice to save a few steps.
  2. Ability to change the naming template for the bones. This might be possible just haven’t found out yet. It would be great if I could use a stored mover template but quickly launder my skeleton names across .bip (.bip might not work it can be picky and has a different bone hierarchy and humanIK (This one is very similar just doesn’t have the root bone and doesn’t care if its there.) because I know those are popular.
  3. In Maya 2014 I have encountered a bug where the windows are not the right sizes so I can’t use their functions. This includes the publish button at the end so I’m stuck using older version.
    4)Option to tell skeleton to make end bones with out having to manually add them as custom bones. If this is possible let me know thanks!

Things I like:
Great job on the documentation and videos. I had very little confusion using this tool.
All the mover tools are great. I have tried to use several auto-rig tools and that step usually feels very weird but it was very simple and straight forward.
The fact that templates can be saved for each step is awesome. This is where the ability to drop in different name templates could be really powerful.
The built in referencing when you publish is great.
Fancy looking key-frame rig for people to enjoy.

Excited to see where this tool goes!