Things & features missing after a year

One year after the Unreal Engine 4 public release and with bugs reported months ago, i miss all of this things:

  • Where is the the vertical Landscapes LOD performance/feature ?

  • Bad realtime shadows for Landscapes and large maps (the shadows disappear at x distance and the editor is limited, even if you enable the ray trace shadows don’t work with the landscape), and this need more options of distances without limit or something to manage the shadows grid, because if for example you create a TopDown then start the problems about the shadows disappear…

  • No lightmass hybrid compiler or something using the CPU & GPU at least for people with only one computer, for make the light of a empty landscape i need about 15-30min using 100% of 16G of Ram and the 85-98% of the i7 4770k. (2015)
  • The optimization about the BSP & features ?
  • Where is the options to place materials in collisions, triggers & shapes ?
  • Where is the settings to manage the game packaging, to divide the game in different paks and the patch system?
  • An antialiasing without quality lost or blur like MSAA/MLAA ?
  • The new foliage shader have an awesome ghosting thanks to the antialiasing and other things.
  • The 4.7.x have a huge list of bugs.
  • This need better docs & advanced videos/examples/tutorials and no a tutorial about “how make a matchbox with wheels” is a good tutorial for noobs & new people, but is useless for help normal users to make things.
    *Have other missing things, but this is the list of the primary problems.

Anyway have new great features, fixes and changes, but without changes like the landscape, lightmass, the light/shadows and bug fixes, i can’t do what i need or i need much more time to make the things.
I can survive without the BSP, package patchs and divisions at the moment but other features or changes or fixes are needed.

Thanks for this awesome free & with source code available engine.

That’s not really after a year, a lot of those things are based off recent new features. And bug fixes will always be coming with time, if you have any bug in particular make sure to add it to the answerhub so that they can track it.

As far as using CPU+GPU for lightmass rendering. Not really viable, you have to have a lot of GPU memory to do that, most people have 2Gb-4Gb which is not nearly enough. It wouldn’t necessarily be faster either even if you had a level that could fit in memory.

By the way, UE4 is not open-source, otherwise other game engines could just copy the code

Free - Because now is free.
Open-source - Because you can view, edit, change the source code. (Proprietary software - Open source) no free software

The term Open-Source has a specific meaning, which is not what Epic offers.

Well i changed now to “source code available” if that make you feel better.

I’m got over 50 bug reports & the problems/bugs in this thread are reported.
Next time when you post or other “Moderator” post to reply in the forum (because i see this the 90% with the 90% of the “Moderators”), please before write post to get a higher number of written posts check the sources because i got a lot bugs reported over 1,2,3,4…6 months back without fix or without reply or with replies to close the reports and with others fixed.

So next time check what you say (what is the main problem of the thread or what is the problem, don’t write as a cyborg) and not treat the others as if they were idiots.
*This go for the 90% of the “Moderators” because i’m no idea about what happen here with the Moderators (I no speak about the Epic Devs, only Moderators).

The lightmass can be divided in chunks throw the Ram, VRam, CPU, GPU and HDD, no much time ago my computer have 4G of Ram to make UDK maps.


He just mentioned that you should report bugs on answerhub so that epic can track them. Sometimes you dont get a reply there, but epic surely added it to the bug list. It will just take some time till they fix it (depending on the importance of the bug). Also make sure to post your answerhub profile in this thread so that epic can check your bug reports again.

Btw, we dont treat anyone like idiots, we just try to help :wink:

What exactly do mean? Would be cool to know what we can improve. :slight_smile:

We don’t keep track of what every person does in the forums and answerhub, many people post about problems they have but haven’t posted to the answerhub and Epic has specifically requested that people post bugs to the answerhub so that they can track it. Please keep your posts within the forum guidelines instead of attacking mods.

And no, lightmass can’t work that way, no renderer can. The all the assets have to be gathered together to render lighting because everything can affect each other, without it loaded then it won’t work correctly. Every renderer has to do that, even GPU renderers.

Hello Hevedy,

I was reading over your post and I have a request for you. Could you provide links and or Jira numbers for the issues and feature requests that you are speaking of? If you could provide links to old posts where you reported these items that you have listed out, I will more than happy to gather information on these subjects and give you updates on their status. However, I will need more information. If you could also separate out the issues/requests that have been reported from those that have not, I can go a head and write something up to make sure that your concerns are represented in our system.

Make it a great day


4.7 supports DFAO for landscapes though DF shadows is still a possibility. I’m not sure where it fully stands at the moment, but it’s still being developed.

In 4.8 there will be an option for Far Cascaded Shadows. This can be enabled per mesh where needed.


4.7 was the first stability build where we did weekly previews to fix bugs as they were reported rather than waiting a couple of weeks before the final release. This didn’t give much time to get bugs reported and fixed before release. The difference you may have noticed with this release was that weekly there were continued improvements with fixes that were reported by the community. The process will continue for releases going forward to help make the engine more stable and better for everyone.


There are always plans to make and add to our existing efforts. What are some examples of what you would like to see? There is a lot of introductory How-To’s and Videos, but there are also more complex ones. We do also have the weekly support streams that delve a little deeper into some topics and show off some of the upcoming or recent features that have been added. Please share your ideas. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the last post, because i was very angry/hot.

That is nice to know.

Well about the reports i got some:
[Bug] Landscape vertical LOD not work - UE4 AnswerHub - UE-6768
4.6 [Request] Antialising blur all - UE4 AnswerHub - Without ref number
[Bug][Request] 4.6 Set shape material in 3D shapes - UE4 AnswerHub - UE-6816

I got others things like unresolved:
Can I add a shape cylinder as a component inBlueprint or C++? - UE4 AnswerHub (Is in the roadmap from the first month)
Add Model lod/cull distance - UE4 AnswerHub (Will be nice add lods levels empty, for some games usefull)
Render Depth for 1P Weapon like in UDK ? - UE4 AnswerHub (I miss this in UE4)
[4.6.1] Tessellation not work well in planes & BSP - UE4 AnswerHub (Tessellation no work in BSP)
[Bug/Performance] Performance problems BSP, Nav auto updaters... - UE4 AnswerHub (BSP performance)
What is the best prefab workflow in UE4? - UE4 AnswerHub (Prefabs missing)
*Here are others but that is the main list.

*I got other posts in the feedback about some of this things (Prefabs + BSP and others)
Thanks all for the info & help.

I have looked through all of the issues that you have posted and I have included status updates, requests, and other information pertaining to the issues mentioned. I hope this helps.

Reported Issues:

[Bug] Landscape vertical LOD not work - UE4 AnswerHub - UE-6768
[Bug][Request] 4.6 Set shape material in 3D shapes - UE4 AnswerHub - UE-6816
You are correct in that this issues have not yet been resolved. However, this does not mean that they have been ignored. Please keep in mind that some issues receive higher priorities than others. I went ahead and bumped up the community interest for these issues.

4.6 [Request] Antialising blur all - UE4 AnswerHub -
Please refer to the following documentation for more answers on the developer’s stance for this feature request. (You will need to click on the document labeled as “Temporal AA”)

Unreported issues:

Can I add a shape cylinder as a component inBlueprint or C++? - UE4 AnswerHub - Please refer to the following documentation on PhysX supporting JamesG’s explanation of this issue. (Link:

Add Model lod/cull distance - UE4 AnswerHub - UE-13124 (Wrote a report)

[4.6.1] Tessellation not work well in planes & BSP - UE4 AnswerHub - Working as intended “…tessellation works fine when you have enough vertices to tessellate.” -Eric Ketchum. I have found a video tutorial on what I believe it is you are trying to achieve. I hope this helps. (Tutorial:

[Bug/Performance] Performance problems BSP, Nav auto updaters... - UE4 AnswerHub - BSP are more resource intensive when compared to static meshes. " Long ago, Geometry Brushes were used as the primary building block in level design. Now, however, that role has been passed on to Static Meshes, which are far more efficient." This is a quote from the official documentation that was linked in your AnswerHub post.

What is the best prefab workflow in UE4? - UE4 AnswerHub - Submitted a request UE-13132

Make it a great day

Update: Hello ryanjon2040, Thanks for the heads up. Links have been fixed.

Thanks Rudy.

  • About the Tessellations, yes in my plane is fixed is my fault, but in the BSP brushes is not supported.
  • About the PhysX / collision shapes (Sphere + Box) is here Trello but from Jun 2014 without changes.
  • And about the antialiasings the FXAA and the other method now give Blur, correct me but i think or i read about TXAA will be the in 4.8 (Temporal Anti-Aliasing from doc) but this other method give the same blur or more, the only AA methods without blur are the (MSAA, MLAA or SSAA) now i no remember what of the 3 give best results, but is one of this three.
    And other problem of this now from the 4.7 release is the problem with the foliage shader, if you see videos with the new foliage shader you will see the ghosting/blur as example:

About the “Prefabs”, some people tell me to use the BP but don’t have support to BSP or Triggers or Collisions BSP like + don’t have good support to edit the content, and is better edit the content like a map with the normal editor tools from the main viewport. (About this i have written in post like that

Oh and other question sorry, i reported this about 2 months ago this Hide light actors in Scene Outliner not work - UE4 AnswerHub but i think Andrew did not understand me, the question+request is:
If you turn of a light with only disappear the icon of the actor/light and no the light(visual) (If you select the light and go to the Details/Properties and go to Rendering -> Visible(On/Off)) then the idea is turn the visible option of the light when you turn off the light in the “World Outliner”, then you select in the “World Outliner” your light and click in the eye to turn the visibility and turn off the visibility property of the light(to turn off the visuals of the light) + turn off the icon of the light actor.

*How go the progress of the UE-11109 ?

Thanks for the new inputs to the database and for the help!

Hi Rudy…All of those AnswerHub links are invalid. Could you please fix them. :slight_smile:

Hevedy: you can always switch the AA mehtod from TemporalAA back to FXAA, it’s in your project’s settings (rendering section)
IMO TemporalAA shouldn’t be the default option, because at the moment it still plays so badly with other features (like moving objects, or just moving the camera…)

also glad to see the support team coming in, as well as some of the answers
but does this mean we have to spam the forums for unresolved answerhub issues to get some attention? :eek:

it does appear that way. we also need to keep their attention on a particular matter or they get sidetracked on to something else and the issue remains unsolved.
because we have source access it seems we have to dig into the code and help in any way we can.

Yeah, thanks i know, but the 2 methods what have the engine now + the future TXAA give bad blur results + the foliage problem.