Thin Translucency colour tint not working

So I am trying to tint some clear glass, which is working fine when I add the new Thin Translucent Material node and view the material in the material window, or if I apply to a static mesh, and view the static mesh in it’s preview window.

However when I am looking at my main viewport, it is clear and no matter what I change I can’t get it to tint in the main game view?! I’ve tried turning off render after DOF which I saw suggested on one post, but nothing seems to work. The unreal rendering improvements video made it look so simple. I’ve attached some screenshots of how it looks within my material and static mesh windows and the main game viewport.

It’s driving me nuts and hope someone can help me out!

Can’t seem to replicate your material, so can’t get the same result. Using automotive pack tint material seems to work okay. Could you walk through how did you set yours up or share the scene by chance? I’m a total UE4 noob, but maybe 2 heads are better than 1

You mentioned using the node for thin translucency. Did you also try setting thin translucent on the shading model dropdown as well?

I took the master tinted glass from the auto pack and created an instance adding in the thin translucent node and changing the shading model to thin translucent and it works perfectly when viewing the material and when looking at a static mesh with the shader applied. However in my working viewport it just looks like transparent glass with no tint no matter what I change. It should look like the second screenshot above, but in my main viewport just looks like the top screenshot.

No the mesh has the correct shader assigned in the correct way. So you are taking the master glassRT, adding the thin translucent node and setting the shader model to thin transparency with a 3constant parameter for the colour change, and when you change that colour it changes your glass colour in the main viewport as well as the material and mesh one?!

This is what I’m doing. Would you be able to save out your shader and I’ll try it in my scene?

I am unable to reproduce this issue. All views seem to work fine for me. Perhaps the mesh in the level has a different material applied to it. (different to the one assigned to it in the asset editor.)

This is literally the only things I change. I don’t really have a way to upload files right now. Sorry.

Yeah it’s the same as the guys above for me, it seems to work fine.

I duplicate M_Glass_RT_Material, add a Thin Translucent Material node with a Constant3Vector plugged in for colour and change shading model to Thin Translucent too.

If I then convert Constant3Vector to a parameter and instance this material, I can change the colour and it updates isntantly in both the viewport and material preview.

Have you applied the changes to the master material you created and saved it? Maybe it just needs to recompile?

Yep I’ve done exactly this about a thousand times and always appears clear in my game viewport. If I turn translucency to raster, it tints perfectly. You sure you guys are using ray tracing for your translucency type?!

Ah interesting point. Do you mean translucency in the post process volume? Because yes when I’ve turned that on to Ray Tracing I’m facing same issue as you. In fact it’s not even transparent for me.

Yep, as I said before Thin Transparency doesn’t appear to work properly with ray tracing yet.