Thin Platforms

So I currently have a system for thin platforms that involves a trigger above the platform. When the player touches the trigger, they can collide with the platform’s collision channel, when they’re not touching it they cannot collide with the platform’s collision channel. It looks like this Capture.PNG

It all works fine as long as there aren’t multiple thin platforms near each other, since theyre all the same channel situations like this ferris wheel type platforms I madeCapture2.PNG

The platforms all circle around the center point here, so if the player is standing on one they’ll collide with the other platforms and it creates problems.

What I’m wondering is there a way to set collision between specific platforms and the player, not just setting the collision channel. Like if the player touches Platform 2’s trigger, can he be set to collide with platform 2 only? Is there a better way to do thin platforms in general that I should adopt?

Are you trying to do a 1 dimensional platorm collision thing? You may be able to find something like that in the learn tab. Haven’t messed with something like this though. :frowning:

Are you making platforms that you can pass through from the bottom, but are solid on the top? Does the trigger for those platforms need to be that high above the platform? You could make them smaller and nearer to the platform. The trigger could even enclose the platform (with the smaller platform collision box inside of it), and when the player overlaps the trigger, you could test the location of the player against the location of the platform (to see if the player is above or below it), then disable or enable the platforms collision box accordingly?

The problem with disabling collision in the platform itself is that more than just the player needs to be able to use the platforms. If the player is below it and it turns off collision, than an enemy that falls onto it will pass through.

Well it might get a bit messy now with the method I suggested, but you could always add a third collision box and set up some custom collision channels for enemies / players. Have one collision box ignore the player only and leave it on permanently (so that enemies can stand on it). Have a 2nd box that only responds to player collisions, and that can be the box you turn on and off.

This ends up giving you three triggers to handle 1 function though, so i don’t know if there’s a cleaner way to handle this, but i’d be interested to hear the solution if you find a simpler way! :slight_smile: