Thin geometry unwrapping


I have a feeling that my approach is not ideal to unrwap geometry like this.
All I want is nice quality lightmaps for my model in an archviz scene.
This starts with the right geometry and than the correct uv setup.

How would you setup the second uv channel for this type of geometry?
I just use Flatten mapping mode in 3ds max with 0.04 spacing value.

I’ve done that type of thing before–make sure to delete the surface facing the wall and the surface facing the floor, since those aren’t needed. Once you do that, reset your UV’s so there’s no seams, then you can use the tool “Unfold Strip from Loop” to create mapping for it where it’ll straighten them all out in the UV’s, just select a ring on a section, use that tool and it’ll straighten it out (it’s a tool for mapping things like pipes but works for this too)
If you have a long section then you can add a loop in the middle so that you can split it and that will allow you to use the UV space better.

Cheers, will try it :slight_smile: