Thieves Island is LIVE on Steam

ITS OUT and we can’t be more excited. The map is our first but not our last. The map is currently in Alpha as we race towards its June official completion.

This is the first of six potential maps from Rogue Records America. Each themed or attached in some way to a band on its label. This first map is Thieves Island inspired by the San Francisco Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Act Amongst Thieves. Taking inspiration from the many mountains and valleys of the Bay Area of California the island has been made.

The map is half the size of TheIsland but with a lot going on in it and a complete underground system so you can go from one end of the island to the volcano center (soon you will be able to go from one end to the other). 7 caves, 5 waterfalls and 3 floating islands, Theives Island is also surrounded by smaller islands to use for shelter.
there is no snow, no winter areas, this is a tropical island that rarely gets rain and sometimes is cold in the mountain areas. The island is host to MANY dinos and unlike TheIsland, they are NOT in certain areas only. Meaning a Trex or Gigantasaourus could be ANYWHERE

**THE LORE: **
Thieves and Pirates alike would come here back in the day to hide their loot and goods. The islands original inhabitants started to eat them all however, so the Thieves and Pirates would create an underground system to use to get around the island unseen by the dinos. Over time however, some of the islands more unlikable creatures have inhabited the passages and tunnels.

The Main Island (Thieves) is 75 % complete and will be updated WEEKLY until its final release in June.
You can hunt, gather and build on the main and smaller islands as well as the floating islands. We do not think the main island will get another update past this new extension we just added. but the terrain may a little as will its foliage.
Currently the ocean is 45% complete. Life is starting to slowly be added to the ocean, caves will come last before the June Final push.

Amongst Thieves is a hard rock / heavy metal outfit from San Francisco California, their debut release “Last to Suffer" will be made available as a free download as well to all who subscribe to the map in late May, if you want to stream the album now you can on Spotify or on the bands band camp link here:

More shots for you all to check out

please try the map, feedback to make it better is always welcome