Thesis Survey

Hello everyone! me and my friends are trying to make a videogame for our thesis, and we need to ask gamers about their gaming habits, if you have the time can you please answer the next survey, it will only take 20 minutes. Thanks for your time!

There you go, where’s my award?


I do not understand Q27 about Enviro[n]mental/Emerging/Linear narrative, though. I like story-driven games, but they do not have to be linear. Open world games can tell excellent stories (e.g. Bioware games), but I do not know which one of the possible answers covers this.

Also, Q17 and Q32 appear to asking questions that are so similar, I don’t see how you would get a different answer for them. You may want to look at that.

I’d add a “Don’t know” to Q41. And “N/A” to several other Qs.

Q77. Surely “LAN party” should be an option? :slight_smile:

Ok, done. I would recommend you to add the suggestions from Jezcentral + also make sure to delete the question about privat stuff (age, family,…) :wink:

Thank you to all :smiley:

All good, needs more dragons though.