These rocks aren't sexy enough!

I’ve bought photoreal landscapes 4, and when I paint the roads landscape texture it paints little rocks on the path. How can I edit these rocks so the layer paints them in different sizes rather than all the same size?

The layer info doesn’t tell me anything about how meshes are spawned in the layer.

I think I understand what you are doing. The foliage painter can give you different size rocks and such by using the min/max parameter inside the options.

Check out this documentation for more info.

Thanks Nicolas. What I need to find out is how to edit landscape paint layers. The objects were painted using the landcape paint mode not the foliage painter. I’ve ended up using the foliage paint mode for this project but I’m gonna try and find out how the level developer did this as it’s a much quicker way of working.

So you mean grass layer are used?
Then you should find objects of “Landscape Grass Type”-type. In your Content browser toggle Filter->Miscellaneous->Landscape Grass Type and click on root folder(Content). It will show all grass types, choose one with rocks and modify Scaling however you want :slight_smile: