These "Official" Unreal Engine Forums Are Dead? - Where Do Users of UE Get Help?


These Unreal Engine forums are dead.
Any recommendations on where to get help with using UE?
Let us know, thanks!


I think I’m already starting to feel a similar way. And I’m brand new to the UE forums also.

Trying to learn Unreal Engine 4 all by oneself is like saying you’re going to try build a car all by yourself. It’s hard enough to piece-by-piece this behemoth on your own, but my first impressions are that there’s not a dedicated enough community online to help new users remotely. It would be different if one were in classroom all together with their instructors and peers, being able to exchange information and questions so readily and easily at hand. (But with what everyone knows is going on in the world right now, in-person classes are out of the question.)

There was a community manager who knew a lot of things about the engine and was very active on forums…

Current managers rarely are seen on forums and don’t know much about the engine either, so the forums feel less active now.


Almost identical threadhere. But ^^ This ^^ pretty much sums things up.
The key question is… Will UE5 bring Epic and Devs back to the forums?

Try asking your questions on different platforms as well such as the unreal engine subreddit, unreal slackers discord server

If there are any more people around here who are looking into possibly getting into games development or similar, I wanted to share a few links that another responder gave in another thread.

Just spreading the word. Any bit helps.

As with will the opening of Unreal Engine 5 bring more people back to these forums or the Unreal/Epic community exactly? I’m guessing maybe for a little at first, because it would be so knew and everyone would want to share more info about it to others, etc. But with time and once UE5 is more mainstream and common place again, the UE forums would start to become less populated again once more. Remember that professional developers are very busy people, and taking time away from their own development time just to post here on the forums is not something they would just want to do.

I recommend the subreddit, but the Discord server and AnswerHub are a joke. On the Discord there are 15 people asking questions every second and only the last question asked will get answered. On AnswerHub, there are mainly just people saying “I have this problem too, anybody know a fix?”

The sad part is that a lot of the questions I search on the internet were asked back in 2014-2016 and the Epic Staff seemed to always be the ones answering. They were way more responsive and seemed to actually interact with the community. It seems we barely have anybody to reach out to these days. This isn’t necessarily a unique problem with Epic Games, because it was like that when I used Unity and some other engines. The problem is that Epic has almost completely stopped interacting with the community… at least on the level that they have in the past.

[SPOILER]For example, I had a big forum problem where I couldn’t post for months. I could not get into contact with anyone. No forum staff members replied. No discord staff users replied. No answerhub staff replied. Epic Game’s support email seems to only be used for Fortnite and their other games. Forum support doesn’t exist. I had to spend months of my time to figure out this was an Epic problem and not a me problem… But no one could have told me that since it’s impossible to get into contact with anyone.[/SPOILER]

It’s important to also realize that us indies and solo developers are not the main customers of Epic. I think they want us to believe that we are, but I’m positive that Epic makes most of their money from their games, investors, and the big Publishers/Developers that are in the AAA market. Epic can make more money from EA/Respawn and their SINGLE Star Wars game in a year than they can from 100 indies in 10 years.

There is little incentive for them to keep a full staff team to monitor the forums and help us with problems that we have with the engine.

What’s sad is that Epic never followed up on ideas here
But yeah, its all about Fortnite + AAA + Enterprise now…

@Freznosis Well to be fair, I’d imagine that back then, the community was much smaller. I didn’t really have to ask questions to be honest, it’s relatively easy to find answers online. (I had prior game dev experience before switching to UE though.)