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Title:There’s nothing

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Credits to sourced content:

  1. Marketplace
  • Megascans
  • [SCANS] Construction Site: Loader
  • Destroyed Building Kit
  • Rubble and Debris - Modular Set
  • Animated Rain/Waterdrop Material
  • Dynamic Rain Overlay
  • Construction Site VOL. 1 - Supply and Material Props
  • Modular Military Operation Urban Training Environment
  • Abandoned Carnival Circus
  • Matte Painting Skybox Pack
  • Bullet Hole Decals
  • Abandoned Post Apocalyptic City Pack
  • Generic Ammo and Bullets
  • End Of The World
  • Footprint System
  • Junkyard
  • Military Props Pack
  • Megascans
  • Post Apocalyptic City
  • Quantum Meta Clouds
  • [SCANS] Gate Backyard
  1. Quixel Bridge

  2. sketchfab
    BLOWN RUSSIAN BTR-MD [Photogrammetry Scan] - Download Free 3D model by MrUnity (@MrUnityCreations) [2b5cad8] - Sketchfab
    Waste construction wood - Download Free 3D model by matousekfoto [4623014] - Sketchfab
    Rusty steel scrap pile - Download Free 3D model by matousekfoto [c04d941] - Sketchfab
    Teddy Bear - Download Free 3D model by [f7f6c57] - Sketchfab
    Nike Kids (Free version) - Download Free 3D model by Casper (@cie) [d103730] - Sketchfab
    electric pole - Download Free 3D model by ANDRE ( [098e1c9] - Sketchfab

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  • Description
    I was able to learn a lot in the process of taking on this challenge. I hope to create many more opportunities for more people to participate happily in the future.

Engine version : 5.0.2.