There's no way to use Quixel materials that have displacement on UE5?

Yeah! That’s my point too.

If you don’t want to leave UE5, you can enable the Modeling Tools Editor Mode and use the that feature as outlined here:

Mesh Tools Editor Mode


You sir are a Saint

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you could always displace the mesh in a 3d software of your choice and import it into UE that way. OR you could go the route of POM (Parallax Occlusion Mapping ) pair that with PDO (Pixel depth offset) and you can get a pretty convincing tessellated mesh

Guys, I searched about it and I found a solution.
I used the Quixel Mixer and created a material. After, I import it to UE5 and remesh a plane from the modeling tool.

( Key part is that plane from actor panel cant be used for displaced material because of some virtual texture issues, instead of that use plane from starter content, remesh & rename it.)

You don’t have to you Quixel Mixer to get a material with a displacement texture,

The solution is setting displacement by using modeling tools and not using the geometry shapes from the actor panel. Use meshes from the content drawer or any flat area. Otherwise, remeshing and virtual texture problems don’t let you apply displacement if you use meshes from the actor panel.