There's no documentation on how to compile a Plugin

The plugin section in the documentation has a passable description of how to set up a plugin but it doesn’t actually say anything about how one is suppose to compile the plugin as a DLL so it can be used.

It wasn’t until I happen to find a third party video that mentions it in passing.

  1. Create a fresh blank C++ project.
  2. Add your plugin folder hierarchy
    in a “Plugins” folder at the same
    level as the “Content” and/or
    “Source” folder.
  3. Right-Click on the .uproject file
    and select “Generate Visual Studio
    Project files”
  4. Open Visual Studio project and

Of course this doesn’t cover how to do it on a different platform than windows. And I might not be correct about folder placement (although it works).

The plugins documentation could probably do with an update too.

Hi majieric,

I looked over the Plugins documentation page, and there are some areas that could probably be improved. I submitted a ticket to our documentation team to see if they would be able to go over the page and update it (UEDOC-2967).

I think part of the confusion that you were experiencing may have been because it may have been assumed that your plugin was already in a project if you were still working on it.