There's a bug about sprites

after i clicked extract sprites my sprites are not clear there’s unclear edge around of sprites

  • i have changed Filter to Nearest but still it’s the same it didn’t remove

this is in adobe photoshop it’s look very clean there’s no other edge around of it

and other one is in unreal engine after improted it’s look not clear

Hey paeillicit,

So your issue is the clip value applied within the default Masked Unlit Sprite Material that is assigned whenever you create a new sprite. Below I have an example of a leaf that used the ‘Create Sprite’ option from right-click menu within the Content Browser.

Default Masked Clip Value

Notice the slight dirty and pixelated edge around the sprite. Once I change the Masked Clip Value, I begin to get the desired and expected results.

New Masked Clip Value

I set the value to 0.9 which is going to clip everything surrounding the object containing that value. Your settings might be a little different than mine, but the general idea is to modify this property to get the correct results.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Hi i’m sorry for late respond i have solved this problem by your helping thank you very much