There was an error contacting the remote service

So trying to log onto AnswerHub but it keeps giving me this error. After creating an account it let me log in a couple times then just stopped and gives me this error. I’ve already tried clearing cookies, cache. Chrome Incognito Mode, signing out etc. Can’t log in from phone either. Just created an account today.

There had been a glitch during account creation that was causing this error, but I have fixed it for you. You should be all set now. (may need to log out/in or clear cache/cookies again)


Have the same issue on udn.

I Have the same issue on udn.

The UDN is a private site that requires special permissions to access. If you are logged into an Epic account that has not been setup with the necessary permissions, then it is expected that this is the error message that you will see. (we are working with the website vendor to provide a clearer error message for this scenario).

If you are the member of an organization that has access to the UDN, but your access has not yet been granted, you will want to reach out to the individual within your organization who has been designated as the “Technical Contact” for the Unreal Engine. They will have been set up with administrator permissions and the ability to grant access to additional staff. If you don’t know who has been granted this ability, you may contact your Epic Account Manager.


Could you please check mine out as well? Same problem.

Same issue here. Please help.

Both of your Answerhub accounts are now fixed.

Same issue here. Please help.

I don’t see any issue with your account on the public Answerhub.

Are you perhaps facing this issue on the private UDN site? I see that your company has access, but you haven’t been personally granted access yet. This is typically handled by the ‘technical contact’ at your company. Send me a private message here on the forums if you need more information.

I have the same problem

Hi, I’ve been having the same issue with logging into Aswerhub as well. I’ve cleared cookies/caches and tried on different browsers but I’m still getting the oauth error “There was an error contacting the remote service”.

Your issue is now resolved.

Your “SchoggiBomber” account doesn’t even exist on the Answerhub so there’s nothing I can troubleshoot. When you try logging in, is it with a different account? (you can send me a private message with the details)

Identified the issue. You should be good now.