There isn't Mesh Preview Scenes (Preview Scene settings) in 4.24.1

In tutorial about mesh preview scene ( there is preview scene sittings panel. I can’t find it in UE4 4.24.1 nor in details panel near details tab nor in menu bar (window). Do I miss something or there is no more mesh preview scene?

Pls provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing, as when I bring up static mesh editor ( in 4.24.1 ) , being one of the pics in url noted, I do get the tab as seen also, in url.
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ok, I’ll make sceenshot of what I see, and what I’think I should see.

Well, I found it. In mesh menu (right click on mesh actor) there is “Edit” tab (Ctrl+E), that’s it. This tab opens static mesh editor like in tutorial. It’s just not clearly explained in tutorial how to open it. I thought it should be seen in level editor, when you choose mesh actor.