There is something wrong with the MoveToLocation node in UE 4.13

Hi, I’m currently working on a Topdown game. I upgraded my project to 4.13 yesterday and found my character moved very weird.

This is my Character in version 4.12.5. It moves quite smoothly without any glitch


After upgraded to 4.13


As you can seen, It seem stopped moving when I clicked continuously. It is likely you use AIMoveTo task then call StopMovement node then AIMoveTo again. I think MoveToLocation in 4.13 changes Max Walk Speed value of CharacterMovement component but don’t know how to fix that. Does anyone has the same problem?

This is my moving event in BP

I have exactly same issue after upgrading to 4.13. Right now I couldn’t solve it, so I stayed with 4.12 for a moment. I hope it’s a bug, not a thing that got changed intentionally.

Yes, I hope so. I have to use Simple Move To Location node as a temp solution but it doesn’t has the Acceptance Radius variable like Move To Location

Same here.
I use Move to location or Actor as a temp solution.

Move To Location or Actor doesn’t solve my problem in this case. Because it is a latent node which means when you set a location, you have to wait for your character reaches the destination before you change the location. While I need my character move to new location immediately when clicks, as you can see in the first gif. If I use StopMovement to stop characters’ movement then change the location or target, my character will move exactly in the second gif.

Same problem here. From the C++ source code, Unity 4.13 changed the functions MoveToActor and MoveToLocation by adding a call to UPathFollowingComponent::AbortMove in case the component is already moving. Unfortunately, the change IMHO introduced a bug, since the call to AbortMove also resets the speed, a thing that didn’t occur before. Since we are using a custom compiled version of the engine, we were able to fix the bug by telling AbortMove to keep the current speed. If you are not able to re-compile the engine, I guess you should wait for an hotfix.

Someone should create a bug report on the AnswerHub…


Already there: Something wrong with the MoveToLocation node in UE 4.13 - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you for your investigation, I’m not familiar with the engine source code so I think I will stay with version 4.12 till new updates come out.


Hey everybody,

Thanks for the feedback.

I was able to reproduce the issue on my end and have created a issue for it. You can follow it here:

Hey guys, so I just upgraded to 13.1 which patch notes says it’s fixed, but mine’s still broken.

Yep, same. :frowning: