There is no RootMotion ! Why?

I did some Settings on the document! But there is no rootmotion. The root skeleton has a displacement:QQ截图20170505150335.png
The animation sequence is set as follows:3054c606f2afa37b207fbc426c34aeacfcd8f0dd.png
The blueprint set:f6df39644c6f5f9076043a11b6dd246724e58550.png
But the character doesn’t have a root movement effect!! Why??

Try setting Root Motion to “Uses Root Motion” unless the animation is part of a a Montage.

The other possible problem is the translation and or rotation is not key framed at the root?

Animation sequence is part of montage. Montage is working well… But still no root motion !!?

I am having this same problem and I can’t seem to figure it out