"There is no geometry information in mesh"

I am trying to get some new assets into UE4 but I am getting an error about no geometry information in mesh when I attempt to import. The file is a .3DS that I have converted using the Autodesk FBX converter. However, it is giving a parameter error so I am first importing it into Blender and exporting it as .3DS then converting with the FBX converter. I know that Blender can export as FBX but I am getting an error for the SDK version when I try that route.

The file I am attempting to get into the engine is Sci-Fi 3D: The Ultimate 3D Sci-Fi Resource by George Mezori

Any help would be much appreciated!

I have the exact same problem. Only difference is that I’m working from Maya 2015 and 2014 with a character who has a skeleton. I export as an FBX but no matter what export/import settings I change I cant import my character into UE4. I’ve tried making another scene where I have 2 balls, 1 parented to the other and then parented to the skeleton and for some reason that imports into UE4 just fine.

Can someone please help? I’m doing this as part of my VCE and I’m getting really behind.

I have the same problem, now, how we can fix that?

Look and verify that there is not an object in the original file that has no geometry. It may just be the camera that was included, but I doubt it. This model includes over 800 pieces, including the camera, and trying to dig down to find out what object it is will not be fun.

Sry, my Mesh is a big Building, 190MB. soo i dont know why 190MB has no geometry information…

So how i fix that now? i cant find cams or something… i dont understand that issue, its happend never on my other works.

Thank you for responding to this. I went back into Maya and went to Windows → Outliner. There were a few other objects that were being imported that were causing the issue. I deleted those and reimported into UE4 without issue.