There is no Device Profile for the Ipad Air 2

I posted this on bugs because i don’t know where this fits in.

But in the device profile list in the engine folder there is no Device Profile name for the Ipad Air 2.

It is iPadAir2.

But it if it isn’t it that device profile file it will still accept that?


Just add it. If it’s not there I think it will just use the default IOS DeviceProfile. There are a couple that aren’t there and I’m assuming they are iPhoneSE and iPadPro. Although there are two different iPad Pro models so it would be nice if there was an official list somewhere.

You mean just add it in my DeviceProfiles.ini?

Hey LuLima,

If you go to Window > Developer Tools > Device Profiles, you are able to create a new profile for the iPad Air 2. You’d be able to modify the settings based on similar devices from Apple that are already included within our device profiles. You can even copy the settings directly from one specific device, and then make changes.