There is no animation blueprint for 2d character

i am using ue4 for a several month and it is amazing engine but there is no animation blueprint for 2d character that make the process harder and more time consuming because it hard to make sequences for different animation

If you want to use animations you could make everything 3D, and just have the camera set to “Orthographic” instead of “Perspective”. Otherwise, you would have to draw the animation frame by frame and create a flipbook with the pictures to create an animation.

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thank s but if i use the first technique it dont give the feeling of 2d and it impossible to make 2d art style FOR 3d and second one is time consuming and hard and also boring

If you say animation, and flipbooks are not your preferred choice, maybe take a look at programs, that offer 2d skeletal animations, like Creature 2D or Spine:

Creature 2D:


And since those usually come with bones, they should work with UE animation system too.

but unreal use flipbook for 2d how do i import 2d animation

can i change animation like i change filpbook it would work in character blueprint ?

You import the sprite sheet with all the animations, then right click the imported texture and click extract sprites