There is a way to pause everything in my game but let certain skeletal meshes still playing animations?

I would like to create a inventory system like the one in The Witcher 3…the inventory i just figured out how to do…but place a skeletal mesh in the UMG with animation while the game is paused i don’t know how to start!

For this you can not use Pause game node. You probably need to change it for Set Global Time Dilation. Using Set Global Time Dilation you can pause game.
Also you can try setting Custom Time Dilation for unpausing you character that is present in inventory.

BTW. I’m doing something similar right now so if you have more question feel free to ask :wink:

If you are using C++, you can create your own component inheriting from USkeletalMeshComponent and override method ShouldTickPose, which should simply return true;

I just tried this technique and it did not work.