There is a way to change quality in game without console commands?

I tried to find something about this with no luck, Console commands feels like a bit hacking if you understand me, there is no blueprint node to change game quality in runtime? I’m kinda new to Unreal, i decided to finally try it as a c# unity developer and i’m feeling my self a bit lost in this blueprint stuff, there is a lot of workarounds that feels a lot like bad things to do. Can someone help me? Thanks!

I blieve you are looking for the “game user settings” nodes, IIRC they were added in 4.12


Console commands are just a quick way to try out different options and tweak as you go. Beside the fact that console commands can also be automatically issued via Blueprints (Execute Console Command node), quality aka scalability settings can also be set permanently through INI files. Here is a good place to start: