There are many black lines in my translucent hair

hello,There are many black lines in my translucent hair.It imported from daz3d.
How can I remove them? Thanks!

That looks like it could be an artifact from the shadows being cast in the 3D viewer, have you tested it in the scene?

Yes , I found them probably are shadows, because the material is rough.
Them can be seen sometimes in the scenne,when I use dynamic lights.
So I think ,if I change the type of lights ,this problem will be solved.
But I haven’t tested it yet.
Thank you.

It’s most likely something you can adjust with the Shadow Bias setting for the movable light

thank you one more time

I fixed it.
It is due to “Dither Opacity Mask”
Set “Opacity Mask Clip Value” value to 0.5

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