There are games made exclusively using Blueprints?


I don´t have any basis in C ++ programming, but still I would like to make a 2D platform game.

I have been studying the tutorials and already started to run tests using pawns, caracters, sprites and blueprints in the EU 4.7.2 version.

Now the question is if there are already games or demos made exclusively using the Blueprints without touching the code?

This help allows those who are not programmers give courage and hope one day develop their own game, which would be good for Epic Games and for all who aspire to one day have their dream come true.

Anyone know the name of a game?

With BP you have a wide collection of functions more than suffient to make tons of games without writing any line of code.

There are some performance related issues and there are a few things you can only do in C++ … but having said that … your best bet is to start working on your game and see how far you can get with just Blueprints … the result may surprise you.

If you experience any performance issues then you can convert those to C++ … but I surmise that depending on your game you might not experience these performance issues.

By the time you get to the limits of Blueprints (if any) you will probably have a pretty decent game already and then getting someone to help you with C++ or learning C++ on your own shouldn’t be too much of a hurdle.

Good luck with your project. 8-}

Didn’t Epic release a version of Tappy Chicken that was done entirely in blueprints? That’s if you’re absolutely looking for a finished/released game done in blueprints. Otherwise you can take a look at the Example Game Projects under the Learn tab in the launcher. There’s 4 games that say they’re done entirely in blueprints and a bunch more that use a combination of BPs and C++. Tappy Chicken is in there too.

We are making our game Song of Horror 100% in Blueprints. Granted, as far as games go, our game’s code will be pretty trivial performance-wise (the GPU is our bottleneck), but yes, you can make full games in Blueprints.

Thanks for the answers and tips and thank IMC.Wander. Visited the Song of Horror website and I am more motivated now by what I saw. Good job!

I’ll see the Example Game Projects and a more few tutorials and start work on my project.

Thanks :slight_smile:

To back up the blueprint claim we also made our Game Jam submission Dual Souls entirely using blueprints as well. There’s quite a lot you can do with it :slight_smile: <— Link if you want to check it out

For most games it should be fine to just use blueprints, perhaps with some workarounds needed.
However UE4 is pretty new still, so there aren’t many finished games at all. I would say that is a higher risk factor than relying on blueprints for your game production.

Thanks Pedro :slight_smile: and best of luck with your project.

@CaptainMcMarcus looks cool!