Theory | Running multiple mods at once on server

I was over on the Ark Server Manager forums (which I won’t link, I’m not sure it’s allowed), and noticed someone may have discovered a means to run multiple mods on your local server at once.

The theory was this:

Arguments for the .bat file your server is run by are typically separated by the “?” syntax.


Map Argument: /Game/Mods/123456789/Example1**?/Game/Mods/987654321/Example2?/Game/Mods/420911360/Example3?**

Additional Arguments: ModId=123456789**?ModId=987654321?ModId=420911360?**

This might work, and i’m not sure how useful this information is considering the team up above are working on mod managing at the moment but it could definitely be helpful to some.

If anyone is willing to test this, feel free to post your results.

There can only be one gamedatabp, one testgamemode, and one master map currently for ark so even if that configuration works one would just overwrite the other until the stacking mod features comes (which is tomorrow). Hell you could make a mod that loads the map for a different mod and have that mod load yet another mod map but they would just override eachother’s gamedata and testgamemode.

Case closed.

Thanks Drathek, I figured that would have been an issue.

Perhaps after tomorrow this might be a viable solution.