Them & Us - Horror Survival Game

I just thought I would pop by and leave a comment. You have a tremendous looking game so far! All the team seems to be doing well.

I am a 3D artist, but, I don’t think my skills would be up to scratch for your team.

Best of luck with the game, I will be keeping an eye on it.



Thank you very much for the kind words.

New positions available: Public Relations & Marketing
The Cinematic / Sequencer position is still available.

The positions are still available.

More updates can be seen here:

Hi, we need a new experienced programmer to help us reach our deadline for kickstarter, which is the end of this December.

Thanks for all the interest. We are still looking for new programmer.
Please make sure you have strong C++ skills before applying to us. You will be put under an interview with our lead programmer, and others skilled programmers.
Due to out tight schedule we will respond only to people that have a good c.v, resume, demo etc

You guys wouldn’t happen to need a texture/material artist, would you?

Hi james, sorry for the late reply, right now we do not look for any texture /material artist. But please apply to with your resume and cv. We will pas it through the team and see from there.

updated first post:

Right now we are still looking for a very dedicated programmer that can work well in C++. Please apply if your interested.

Hi guys, we are still looking. Please apply with your cv/resume if your interested in the mentioned positions.

We are still looking for a dedicated programmer that can communicate well with the current programming team, to get things done in time. Please apply here:

Sent you an email.Please do check it out. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Our team will check your application asap.
Updated post, we are still looking for programmers.

We are looking for a new lead programmer, that can dedicate more time for the project, participate to meetings and organize the programming team and project.
Required as well : Good c++ skills / working with UE4 skills.

Please apply if interested:

New position available 2D Artist. If your looking to work with us, now is your chance.
Please write us here, make sure you include your resume and portfolio so we can share with the team:

2D Artist position is mostly taken. We are now looking urgent for a new programmer to add to the team. Please apply if interested.

Please apply. We are still urgently need for new programmers.

Hi there.

Just curious what kinds of work you need from the programmer you’re looking for. I have experience with C++, but I’m curious what you need completed since my expertise may or may not be what you’re looking for.

Hi guys, we are still looking.

@ handtjaxon

There is quite a lot to be done. Many programmers that have worked with us keep updating the code each time. A lot of code has been written in C++ from one programmer to another, and became quite hard to work with.
We are looking for some that has a lot of dedication to be the new lead programmer, save what can from the code we made or build from beginning to a working build game state.


  1. Create the main menu, save and load game using an item from inventory to an object from environment.
  2. Build the inventory, items and weapons in full working state.
  3. Work the main character in full. Heal from inventory, take damage, die, equip weapons or unequipped from inventory.
  4. Manage the enemy AI in full. Like move btw specific points, visual sense of player, attack, die, kill etc
  5. Make all the levels gameplay elements that are required, like grab key, open door etc

Many of those element have been done already, others left unfinished.

Hey Tendo,

I sent over my resume and information.

– D0x

We did not receive your application. Please write to

I just sent in another email.
I pm’d my information as well.