Them and Us - [ survival horror game ]

Hi everyone,

We would like to introduce to you a new horror game pretty much similar to the old games we used to play and enjoy.



Facebook game:
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**Update: August 12, 2018 **

Demo Download (no longer available):

Update: February 01, 2020

Since this thread keeps a great history of the game we are working on we want to let you guys know how the game is going.
With the success of our demo on we are now on Steam Early access, working on the game every single day:

After a full-scale rebuild, we’ve upgraded our demo to a fully playable game. Instead of Chapter 4, players will begin at the very start of Alicia’s journey. With our recent update 0.8.0, we are now more than 80% of the game finished.

We included as well an extra game.

Gameplay features include over the shoulder and fixed camera with tank/alternate mode controls, and an opt-in mode for retro graphics. Including as well 4 levels of difficulty, achievements and leader-boards. The cooperative mode will be added as soon as we are done with the story.

Over the shoulder Trailer:

Fixed Camera Trailer:

Graphics improvements:


Great work so far! I like the idea of the third-person camera switch to RE style. Keep it up!

Interesting keeping and eye on this one.

Looks really cool, but I personally would recommend you to make the preview video a little bit more interesting → e.g showing what makes your game unique, gameplay elements,… :slight_smile:

Awesome looking good. What program you use to design your characters?

No kidding, those characters are amazing.

Thank you. That camera and character will be even more improved for this style, later when we start implementing the code.

Cheers! We hope you will like the new progress.

I agree, the gameplay was a bit rushed, only having a simple zombie. I should have made the video only to show the levels instead. Since gameplay is mostly none there.

Thank you. We are using all the time Zbrush.

We are happy to hear that. We will continue to make more.

With a good story this game could be truly intressting.

Looks great. I like the detailed props. That will be greenlit in no time. You have my vote.

@ Halibob
Thank you, we will make sure to make the story interesting and unique.

@ TripleBrick

Kindest Regards, and thank you for your vote. Your props looks also very nice.

The team would like to “thank you” to everyone that voted, added us to favorites, or just visited our page. Them & Us is now Greenlight by the community:

The voting rate was 58% Yes / 35% No and 6% Ask me later.

Even if we didn’t show you much Gameplay, or told you much about the game we are developing, we are happy to see your interest in Them & Us.

We are preparing now to move the game towards STEAM.

Thank you to everyone once again!

Yay! Congratulations!!!

Can’t wait to see more of what you have in store for us.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Recently we had the pleasure to be interviewed by “ninetyvi”, a new upcoming community for gaming. We would like to thank them for being so nice writing an article about Them & Us on their website!

Now we would like to invite anyone to read it if you want to know more info about the game we are doing, and how everything started up:

We hope you enjoy reading this article.
Kindest Regards

I feel ashamed of myself for seeing this to late. In case Epic Games read this, we would like to thank you for spotlighting Them & Us!

You guys been in my heart from the first day Unreal 1 was released.
And that’s because UnreaED 1.0 was my first editor I worked with, and I never switched to other engine other than Unreal.

We are going to try our best to make this game a very fun an unique experience.
Kindest regards!

I really like the style of this game. There is considerable amount of attention to detail and the lighting/mood is spot on. I’m definitely interested in seeing this game move forward.

@ Leviathan
Thank you!

TENDOGames is now celebrating 1 year from the day it was founded, and we will like to celebrate this day by showing you the first work Vlad created for Them & Us, since everything started from one big hobby, that is 3D Art and love of horror games. This time improving it for the UE4 specifications (rough, metal, alpha, physx etc), adding more details in texture, geometry as well remaking the hair, cloths and many more. So we would like for you to check this for yourself. Many thanks also to all the sound and music composers, animators, and everyone else from the team that helped Vlad to make this scene possible inside Unreal Engine 4.

This scene you see here is realtime in-game:
As well bellow you can see some pictures of this video creation:

Hi guys, we have released a few music samples from the game. We look forward to hear if you like:

I quite like the UI you show off in the video.

Zombies are pretty boring enemies for horror games, and are probably the most stale horror element ever created. I hope you channel some of your very clear talent into some creative monsters!

@ Andrew
Thank you. Special creatures are already in development by the team.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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Hi everyone, is been quite long time we updated the page here. We hope you like:

Everything is realtime inside UE4.
Here is a little more:



Ingame (unupdated):



Great work on the character hair. This project is coming along nicely, keep it up!

Hopefully some new enemy screenshots for Halloween? :wink: