TheDarkAge FPS/Strategy /\ Paid if its possible

Welcome to the topic of TheDarkAge,

TheDarkAge has been founded by Max and started at the eight of october 2018. Before that the idea has been making for a long time but hasn’t been anything serious. Thats has changed and now we’re looking for people to help! We’re looking for people who wants to give their hearts to the project and don’t look for money but to build something up! We don’t have a big budget at this moment but we’re looking for money options and making our budget bigger!
**There are two teams: 1, Defenders 2, Attackers. Defenders must protect the vaults and make sure the Attackers don’t get in the vaults. Attackers must get as fast as possible to the vaults and get in the vaults, when you get the gold bars from the vaults, you must transport it to the car, than you have won. If Attackers won’t get all the gold in 30 minutes or every Attackers has died three times. Defenders have also three lives, so much be smart. **

What are we looking for:
We’re looking for a manager who has a heart for the project and has a lot of time to help me.

We’re also looking for developers, artist and sound creators!

What do you get:
As you have read at the intro we can’t spend too much at our workers, but we give money when we can and reward you sometimes! Also we have sometimes a break where we just have fun with the team. We want to make a big and fun team where we can enjoy and make a great game!
Last word:

We hope we have inform you enough and you want to join our team! You can join our discord server if you want to know more or want to keep up to date!
Apply: PM me or contact me at the discord!

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Still searching!

You have nothing to show but a bunch of empty accounts - what have you done?

I’m working on the core (Multiplayer system and basic player system) but I’m on my own and had some bad and hard time. I’m searching people who wants to help building a project for the fun and prestice. And want to greate something awesome.