The Zapper Glock - V1

Zapper gun - Glock 9mm](Sketchfab) by Eques_inferno on Sketchfab

  • Description -

Back with another update to the Glock Mod! This one is it’s own little side mod, I copied all the code over but switched the model out for this amazing looking Glock Zapper model I found on Sketchfab! I’ve known about the existence of these guns irl for a while, but holding one in VR is just amazing. Can’t wait for you all to check it out!

  • Downloads -

V1 - GlockModZV1.robo - Google Drive

V1.5 - GlockModZV1.5.robo - Google Drive

  • **Patch Notes **-

V1.5 - Firing sound fixed!

V1- release version! New model!