The Youtube Training Video's could be a lot better

First of all, I love you guys and I’m extremely thankful for all the tutorials you make, but…

I must critique the style of teaching I see in so many of your training series. The recent TimeAttack Racer tut is a perfect example of this. it’s like a “Do-This, Do-That” without explaining what any of it means. As though someone has handed me code printed on a piece of paper, saying “here, type this out and you’ll have a game!”. at around 13mins through video 5, I realised I was numb with confusion at everything I had just done.

The chances of me going away & rebuilding from scratch after watching is near zero, because I don’t understand the logical reason for why things were done the way they were. let us in on the thought process. don’t just create 20 variables and 10 empty functions, and then going through each one, populating them all and then showing the end result. that’s just lazy.

I’m not saying they are completely useless. I could take it slow, re-watch a few times whilst looking up nodes etc. (providing the documentation has been written), try and piece together the structure at the end. but they could be so much better.

The Twitch streams don’t really have this problem because usually, if something isn’t clear, somebody in chat will ask them to clarify, they do, everyone is happy and we move on. or they are responding to a sudden request and are forced to think on their feet, and we see that.

I hope this is taken as constructive criticism and not just some idiot having a whinge. :slight_smile:

I agree, I’d rather the videos let you follow along by watching what the person is doing on screen, while they explain WHY they are doing it.