The Wild West | LEVEL DESIGN Showcase | Unreal Engine 4 | ArtStation Challange Submission | Day1

Hello everyone! My name is Kaan Tekin. Today i'll show you my day 1 progress for ArtStation's Wild West Level & Environment Art Challange. It's actually my first challange here.

I always wanted to create some Wild West & Red Dead Redemption like scenes and it’s the day. I inspired the theme from Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption and some Concept Designs. Lighting part is a bit confusing because there are a lot of things which going to change.

I’ll share my Day 1 progress as a Speed Level Design and show my assets & resources. And the Concept Designs of course. But this is the Day1 progress.

Because of my own game’s schedule Day 2 may come a bit later but it will for sure.

I need criticism and opinions so please share your opinions with me.