The whole computer crashes when adding resources

first i dont believe your computer meets the min spec for unreal engine. there are also many other potential issues here. you say your adding things to the launcher; how so? that statement makes no sense. also are you trying to drag everything into the level at once? that will definitely slow you down.

the issue here imo is the lack of hardware resources. if you dont have enough ram then your computer will get hung up when the limit is reached. and if you dont have enough cpu performance everything will be super slow and will be unable to function. as for the gpu that just helps the cpu by taking care of the rendering for it, but still this could also cause issues. one last note i can tell that you are on a laptop given the M on the graphics chip, laptops are not technically considered within spec.

Recommended spec doc

I started using UE 4.18 just a few hours ago. I tried adding resources (textures and so), I managed to add them to Epic Launcher but when I try dragging them into the level UE completely crashes, I can’t move the cursor, close the window or minimize it, not even open Task Manager to force close the app. I have to forcedly turn off the PC. Any suggestions?

PC specifications:
Acer Aspire E15
Intel Core i5-4200U 1.6 GHz (Turbo boost up to 2.6GHz)
NVIDIA GeForce 920M, 2GB dedicated VRAM
4GB DDR3 L Memory

Oh. Didn’t know laptops are out specs.

Btw I retrieved some free assets from UE website (like Open World Demo Collection in Epic Content - UE Marketplace), went in the Epic Launcher library and clicked on “Add to project”. Then I found them in the assets overview. Of course I’m not trying to add them all at once, I simply dragged a texture and it crashed.