The Way Back - Puzzle/Adventure game

Hey guys, thought I’d hop on and post some new screenshots from my adventure/puzzle game The Way Back. Let me know what you think.

It’s still very much a work an progress but it’s coming along.
Check out more pics at
or some videos at my YouTube channel


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Here is my latest video showing some parts of a few levels.

New Screenshots

Latest Video




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I really like this screen, it has some great atmosphere!


I think some of the other levels could use another lighting pass. The outdoor lighting seems flat and in a lot of areas confusing. I personally believe that light is a great way to guide your player unless confusing him is your goal.

Thanks for the comment. Yes some of those shots are from my latest level, so will probably change a lot. Still have a lot to work out in the environment. I agree that I need to do something about the lighting in areas. It doesn’t help that i’m horribly color blind and have to ask others if things look ok or not.