The Warhorn- Multiplayer open world game


About team

We are three students of computer science from Poland. We always loved video games and especially that new kind of open world sandboxes that are available on steam.
We have noticed that there is unused potential in that type of games - we wanted to add puzzle elements and large ammount of unique places that you can explore.
The Warhorn is in development for more than one year and we think its time show to people what we have done :slight_smile:

About our project

The Warhorn is a sandbox game and we all know how it is when it comes to sandboxes. When you are not creative enough or just simply run out of the ideas what to do next, the game will get boring after a while.
Thats why we wanted to create systems that will keep players busy. Our project is fantasy open world game in which your main goal will be probably building and developing your own village to battle with other ones.





As the owner of the village you will be able to create NPCs that will help you in the game. You can craft 3 types of NPC’s:

  • Villager who can extract resources and bring them to village.
  • Warrior who will help you fight with every creature and player in the world. He will also take care of helpless villager who is exposed to other players when he is gathering resources by himself.
  • Gate guard who will guard entrance to you village.



In our game you will find many unique places that are spreaded all over the world. It was very important for us to create places that will encourage players
to explore our world and reward them for doing it. On every biom you will find at least one of these mysterious places. Sometimes before you will be able to acces these areas
you will be forced to solve a puzzle.





Some screen of bioms





Some screen of enemies and bosses






Sorry for long post but I hopy you like it. :smiley: If you are interested about the game just leave a comment, we are very curious about your opinion.
For more information you can visit our website:
If you want to be up to date with our project, follow us on our social media sites:

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Also we have started campaign on Indiegogo, so if you think our game is worth supporting we would appreciate that a lot.

The Warhorn Indiegogo Campaign

Any dollar will help us finish our game in a shorter time.

Holy cow.

The art style and color/shading/etc. is brilliant! Magnificent job. Absolutely magnificent.

New places in The Warhorn world

Resolve a mystery of disappearing workers in mine.


Every hive color has it’s own purpose.


Visit alchemists settlement to get a variety of potions.


There is something strange about this farm.


love this keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Amazing work!
Looking forward to seeing more progress :slight_smile:

Absolutely amazing work. Spectacular progress!

Love this! Looks great.

It’s been a while since last update but we are finally on greenlight. Hurray !

Im leaving here a link so you can vote:

And a new trailer of our game :slight_smile:

I also wanted to thank you for such nice reposonse from you guys, we appreciate this !

Hello everyone!

We have some great news. Our Steam store page is up, so you can find The Warhorn on Steam and watch the new trailer!

it looks amazing! Cant wait to play it :slight_smile: put it on my watchlist.

Wow, I am surprised this didn’t show up for me earlier. Looking like a professional game and I would definitely buy it.