The War of the Worlds - Real Time Strategy

So time and opportunity have finally allowed me to start working on a long ambition of mine, a real-time strategy based on War of the Worlds. Nothing to show as of yet but I’ll be sure to keep this topic updated on progress.

Design wise I am probably going to keep as close to the book as possible, as such the Martians will be very similar to their early illustrations.

Animating those things is going to be a serious learning curve for me, so I will probably end up seeking help from someone who actually knows what they’re doing. As for programming the game, I like to think myself a competent programmer ( I only know Blueprint be gentle with me ) but for the most part I’ll be calling on Marketplace products to give me a solid, professional and non buggy foundation to start on.

So anyway, time to get started. Also if anyone wants to help out or get involved feel free to contact me!