The Wanderer - Dark Fantasy RPG


The Wanderer is a First Person dark fantasy RPG, with emphasis on looting, variety in choosing how to play, and world exploration.

The project is a spiritual succesor to gems such as Arx Fatalis, Diablo II, the Gothic, Spellforce and Dungeon Siege series etc.
They all had interesting, captivating worlds and atmospheres, which really immersed you and took you to far away places.

Key Features

There is a strong emphasis on a interactive world, with a lot of hidden secrets and unique items that can actually be useful.

Such as plants that you can harvest and use to augment your senses, which may also have hidden effects.
Ore veins that you can mine, if you are skilled enough, the possibility to grow such skills and unlock more powerful ore.
Lakes and ponds where you can fish (if you found or crafted a fishing rod) and have different possible catches, some more rare and valuable than others.
The option to use these catches and plants to craft potions from them that may be used to improve your weapons
or give that extra edge needed to defeat a boss or have a greater chance of survival.
Magic artefacts with dangerous effects, curses or other spells, scrolls with unknown effects.
Parts that you can use to assemble custom weapons with enough mechanical skill.

Or you can just go ham and take on the beasts and foes directly, which will prove more challenging, but there is variety in that as well.
The combat system gives you control and the possibility of choosing your own fighting style,
with direction based attacks and special moves, and weapons to choose that fit better on each.
You can also take the path of the rogue and sneak up on people, steal their bread or deliver a critical back stab.

On top of that, the skill tree provides an additional level of customization, being able to create unique builds
such as attack speed builds (Agility) , tank builds (Vitality) , critical chance builds (Luck) etc.

World Environment:


The player character, Jared the rogue:

Just made an article with the latest updates, and a gameplay video of the player movement:

The Arniiri species:

Feisty little creatures that will passively steal gold from you when they get close.

The UI design is an important part of the game, and it ties in with the other parts of the gameplay very closely:

The character window where you can level up your attributes and skills.

The tooltips for the different item rarities. I still haven’t decided the color for the set items.

Items also differ a lot depending on the race or civilization that built it.

Since the scope of the project is very large gameplay-wise, the current plan is to make it a series of chapters and begin with the first one, which has a smaller map and is more realistic.
Furthermore, we are only focusing on a alpha demo which only covers 1/4 of the first chapter map, with 4 quests, 2 npc’s and 3 types of mobs.
The environment for it is finished, as well as most of the items, UI and animations.
Blueprinting/coding is where things are slow. We are looking for a capable programmer with UE4 experience.

Feedback appreciated, for more info you can visit:
IndieDB page:
Also if you are a programmer and dig this project hit us up at: Skype: andyblahblah1 Discord: Hermit#8917

Thanks and have a great day!