The VR Editor won't open on Quest 2 20220423

Hello all

System : Windows 10 64 bit, Amd Cpu, Nvidia Gpu (latest models), Oculus Quest 2

Bug: On Unreal 5.0, the Vr Editor won’t open and will get stuck on the loading screen
See picture attached

Am I the only one ?

Yes I’ve had this problem. For whatever reason it won’t connect to UE5. Do you have SteamVR? if so, do it through there

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Do you have a process ? For now it doesn’t show up in my games windows.
Has @anonymous_user_eec83571 @UnrealEverything anything to say about that bug ?

Did you notice Unreal ?

Umm yeah all I’m saying is it works if you go through steam vr

How do you do that ? What steps do you follow ? So I suppose you haven’t told “Unreal” about it, I’ll submit a bug report.

Unity?? Here’s the on how to set up steamvr


Well here’s where I got, anyone else has any idea ?

You also might want to check if the steamvr plug-in is enabled, if it still doesn’t work, I’m not really sure… sorry.

Please help us

This error message keeps popping up Action paths must take the form /actions/ action set etc…

I know that Epic has let go of the development of this tool but come and, it has so much potential. @epicgames @help

Same here, did you manage to fix it or come up with any workarounds? Is it the type c cable related issue or something to do with quest 2 rather than ue 5