The VR Editor won't open on Quest 2 20220423

Hello all

System : Windows 10 64 bit, Amd Cpu, Nvidia Gpu (latest models), Oculus Quest 2

Bug: On Unreal 5.0, the Vr Editor won’t open and will get stuck on the loading screen
See picture attached

Am I the only one ?

Yes I’ve had this problem. For whatever reason it won’t connect to UE5. Do you have SteamVR? if so, do it through there

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Do you have a process ? For now it doesn’t show up in my games windows.
Has @anonymous_user_eec83571 @UnrealEverything anything to say about that bug ?

Did you notice Unreal ?

Umm yeah all I’m saying is it works if you go through steam vr

How do you do that ? What steps do you follow ? So I suppose you haven’t told “Unreal” about it, I’ll submit a bug report.

Unity?? Here’s the on how to set up steamvr


Well here’s where I got, anyone else has any idea ?

You also might want to check if the steamvr plug-in is enabled, if it still doesn’t work, I’m not really sure… sorry.

Please help us

This error message keeps popping up Action paths must take the form /actions/ action set etc…

I know that Epic has let go of the development of this tool but come and, it has so much potential. @epicgames @help

Same here, did you manage to fix it or come up with any workarounds? Is it the type c cable related issue or something to do with quest 2 rather than ue 5

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I have sold my quest 2 and i am waiting for the quest 3 but that doesn’t look good, the all VR editor team was disbanded and nobody answers. This functionality can be considered dead.
No update, no bugfix, no news.

Check if “Start in Vr” is checked and be sure that OpenXR plugin is active.

I shared here: VR Mode not available doesn't work 5.1 - #9 by